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CNC Program Celebrates Completion of 9th CNC Class

On Friday April 8th, Ivy Tech Community College hosted a celebration for the most recent group of students completing their CNC Machining Class.

Class Instructor John Ludlow spoke to the group about their achievement and provided guests with an overview of just some of the skills required to be a good machinist.

Machinist have to be able to read blueprints and understand the designers intention.  They need the attention to detail to be able to make precise measurements and the technical skill to program those measurements into their machines.

He also mentioned that each student has achieved at least 4 NIMS (National Institute of Metalworking Skills) credentials that the students had achieved in areas such as:

  • Measurement, Materials & Safety
  • Job Planning, Benchwork and Layout
  • Manual Milling Skills I
  • Grinding Skills I

Manufacturing is continuing to grow and the need for machininists is growing with it.  As Mr Ludlow said, "store shelves would be empty without machinists."

After receiving their certificates, the students gave a tour of their classroom and displayed examples of their projects for their guests.

Since its beginning in 2014, the Ivy Tech CNC program has completed 9 classes.  In total 42 people have completed the program and have earned a total of 181 NIMS Certifications and the majority of graduates have achieved employment in manufacturing.

For information about the next CNC Class and how WorkOne may be able to assist you, please visit your local WorkOne.

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Spring Cleaning - JAG Style

While their fellow students were thinking about Spring Break, the Terre Haute South JAG students were thinking about that other common phrase: Spring Cleaning.

Before leaving school for break, the Terre Haute South JAG students spent time cleaning up the school's courtyard.

Thank you to all of the JAG students who lent a hand to keep the school looking good.



JAG Students Assist CASA With Easter Activities

Saturday March 19th Terre Haute North JAG students volunteered to assist CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children) and Remnant Church with a community wide Easter event.  The event offered free food, games, an egg hunt, a bouncy house and a bouncy slide. 

The JAG students assisted in a variety of ways. They helped by carrying in game displays, tables, food items, and the 15,000 eggs. They also helped mark off areas in the football field that divided up the areas for different age groups. 

They helped scatter the 15,000 plastic Easter eggs and monitor either egg hunts
or game areas.  After the event they helped with trash pick up.


Local Students Participate in 2016 State JAG Competition

INDIANAPOLIS (March 11, 2016) – Students from around the state gathered today at Ivy Tech Community College in downtown Indianapolis to take part in Indiana’s annual Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) State Career Development Conference (CDC). All participants previously took part in regional conferences for a chance to earn monetary awards and the opportunity to compete at the state level. The conference enabled students to demonstrate their employability skills in nine categories: Career Presentation, Employability Skills, Creative Solutions, Writing Skills, Critical Thinking, Financial Literacy, Public Speaking, Entrepreneurship and Cover Design.

Two students from our Region finished in the Top 3 in their competion:

Kyndle McDonald, Sullivan High School, Employability Skills, 2nd Place

Abigail LeClercq, Riverton Parke High School, Writing Skills, 3rd Place

Other Region 7 Participants:

Bradley Davis - Terre Haute North High School

Dominic Estey - Sullivan High School

Drew Lubbehusen - Sullivan High School

Pete McKinney - Terre Haute North High School

Christopher Pickett - Northview High School

Lane Prout - Terre Haute North High School

Deavin Qurazzo - Terre Haute North High School

Harley Staley - Northview High School

Braelyn Wence - Sullivan High School

Congratulations to all of the participants who represented our Region!

Click http://www.in.gov/dwd/files/2016_JAG_CDC_Awardees.pdf">here for a list of winners from across Indiana. Pictures and video of the event is available upon request.

“The abundance of high-quality competitors at the Career Development Conference is a testament to Indiana’s status as the largest JAG program in the nation,” said Steven J. Braun, Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. “Events like this showcase how JAG Indiana is accomplishing its mission of graduating students on time and preparing them to take the next step in life.”

JAG is a state-based, national non-profit dedicated to developing students academically by helping them overcome barriers to graduation. Since 2006, Indiana’s JAG program has helped more than 15,000 Hoosier students stay in school through graduation, pursue post-secondary education and secure quality jobs leading to career advancement. Currently, more than 5,500 students participate in JAG through 104 programs located in over 96 schools throughout Indiana, making Indiana’s JAG program the largest in the nation. Students are taught competencies, such as critical thinking, team leadership and effective communication skills that will increase their marketability in today’s workforce.

JAG students receive adult mentoring while in school and one year of follow-up counseling after graduation. Indiana’s program graduates more than 93 percent of participants and many students choose to continue their education after high school. The JAG program is funded through community partners and grants provided by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

Visit http://in.gov/dwd/JAG.htm">in.gov/dwd/JAG.htm to learn more about the Indiana JAG program.







2016 JAG Career Development Conference


On Friday January 22, over 100 JAG students from our region gathered for the 5th annual JAG Career Development Conference.  Students from Clay, Parke, Vigo and Sullivan counties met on the Ivy Tech campus to compete and demonstrate the skills they have learned during their time in JAG.

Once again, local Employers and Community Leaders volunteered to serve as judges for the event.  They judged a wide variety of competitions including Employability Skills, Public Speaking and Entrepreneurship.   

After competing, the students enjoyed lunch with their fellow competitors, networked with Employers and Community Leaders and were able to tour the Ivy Tech campus.  Presentations from Ivy Tech and Vinncennes University provided the students with information about educational opportunities after they complete high school.

This year's theme Building Tomorrow Today was truly evident in the effort and results achieved by this year's competitors.

Those students who finished in First Place will get to compete at the State JAG Conference in March.
Congratulations to everyone who competed and good luck at the State Finals!

2016 JAG Career Development Conference Results

Chapter Commercial

1st Place - Sullivan High School

Chapter Service Learning Blog

1st Place - Sullivan High School

Financial Literacy

1st Place - Christopher Pickett - Northview

2nd Place - Michael Roseberry - Sullivan

3rd Place - Rico Martinez - Sullivan

Writing Skills

1st Place - Abigail LeClerq - Riverton Parke

2nd Place - Mara Stewart - Terre Haute North

3rd Place - Britany Truxal - Northview

Public Speaking   

1st Place - Braelyn Wence - Sullivan

2nd Place - Briella Ellis - Terre Haute North

3rd Place - Lydia McCarty - Sullivan

Critical Thinking    

1st Place - Lane Prout - Terre Haute North

2nd Place - Kyonna Pflueger - Northview

3rd Place - Te'airra Walters - Sullivan

Career Presentation   

1st Place - Harley Staley - Northview

2nd Place - Trista Osborn - Terre Haute North

3rd Place - Montgomeree Porter - Terre Haute North

Cover Design   

1st Place - Doug Griffie - Terre Haute South

2nd Place - Michael Hoffman - Terre Haute North

3rd Place - Megan Brush - Northview


1st Place - Pete McKinney, Bradley Davis, Deavin Qurazzo - Terre Haute North

Creative Solutions

1st Place - Dominic Estey - Sullivan

2nd Place - Jory Green - Terre Haute South

3rd Place - Douglas Griffie - Terre Haute South

Outstanding Senior   

1st Place - Drew Lubbehusen - Sullivan

2nd Place - Ciora Majors - Terre Haute South

Employability Skills   

1st Place - Kyndle McDonald - Sullivan

2nd Place - Brooke Morris - Terre Haute North

3rd Place - Alexis Hampton - Sullivan

Click here to view pictures from the event

Thank you to:

  • Ivy Tech Community College
  • Vincennes University

Our Judges:

  • James Aker – Duke Energy
  • Daryl Andrews – WIB Board Member
  • Kim Campbell – Rose Hulman
  • Laurence Cross – WIB Board Member
  • Nancy Davisson – Indiana Department of Workforce Development
  • Dr. Tad Foster – WIB Board Member
  • Marjorie Hopkins – Author
  • Ryan Hughes – IBEW
  • Susan Jakaitis - Vigo County Public Library
  • Joey Montgomery - Congressman Buschon’s Office
  • Mary Caye Pfister – Pfister Realty
  • Elanor Ramseier – Vigo County YMCA
  • Ellen Reeves – United Way
  • Courtney Richey – Small Business Development Center
  • Tom Szymanski - IBEW
  • Claudia Tanoos - Terre Haute EDC
  • Cyndi Todd - Parke County EDC
  • Larry Tempel – WIB Board Member
  • Sarah Thomas – Ivy Tech
  • Susan Turner – Saint Mary of the Woods
  • Gail Wright – WCI - AHEC
  • Chris Williams – Ivy Tech Community College
  • WorkOne Staff and JAG Specialists