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Check out all of the great things our JAG Students have been up to this fall.

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Cloverdale JAG Student Turns Work Experience into Full Time Position

Cloverdale JAG student Destinee Shipp took advantage of the Work Experience program to gain some experience working with the Putnam County Library.  She has turned that short term experience into a full time position with the Library.  One of the programs that she assists with was recently featured in the Greencastle Banner Graphic.

From the Banner Graphic:   

‘For the little people’
Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Putnam County Public Library’s Youth Services department -- represented by Manager Krista Mullinnix (middle), Taylor O’Brien (left) and Destinee Shipp -- offers a well-rounded host of programs from little people of all ages. “I believe in little things, and every day in our department is full of them and that’s what really brings joy to my heart and the rest of us in the youth services department,” Mullinnix said.

The Putnam County Public Library is perhaps best known for its Youth Services department.

Parents, mothers in particular, from miles around know that the best way to keep kids occupied is to take them to the Imagination Portal and the ever-capable Manager Krista Mullinnix, with her trusty assistants Taylor O’Brien and Destinee Shipp.

Youth Services offers something for little people of every age. Tuesday’s “Baby & Me” program allows parents to sing, read and play with their babies, while the “Hour of Code” teaches ages 6-12 computer science basics.

Being librarians, the trio are set on making the most of every educational opportunity, but also being kids at heart, its always in good fun.

“I think that not only do we promote kindergarten readiness for the younger groups, but we give kids a place to feel safe, to have fun, to explore and to cultivate social skills, to learn new skills,” Manager Mullinnix said. “We have a very standardized, intelligent process for collecting materials, so we have quality materials for children to come in, explore and to learn something new every day. I do think that we are so vitally important (to the community). Our big mission is to cultivate a love for learning and reading.”

Mullinnix keeps her department stocked with a well-rounded range of programs. For art, go to “Masterpiece of the Month;” music, “Music Makers;” cooking, “Cooking with Kids;” science, “Hour of Code” and “STEAM;” building, “Brick Club;” and for just plain reading, “Pup Talks” and two book clubs.

“I believe in little things, and every day in our department is full of them and that’s what really brings joy to my heart and the rest of us in the youth services department,” Mullinnix said. “The proud face of a toddler who knows all of the words and movements to a song; the preschoolers playing librarian and hosting their own storytime; the kid that comes back every week to get a new stack of nonfiction books on a new subject he wants to know more about; or the tweens and teens who want to show off what they’ve worked so hard to build in Minecraft.

“I could go on, but every day in our department is full of little moments of discovery, imagination and creation that really makes my job so rewarding.”

Cloverdale JAG Student Justyce Monnett – Banner Graphic Featured Athlete of the Week

From the Banner Graphic:
FEATURED ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Justyce Monnett, Cloverdale
Wednesday, September 27, 2017

By JOEY BENNETT, Sports Editor

Justyce Monnett is a senior volleyball player at Cloverdale, who will also be joining the softball team next spring.  

Banner Graphic: Your first name is very different around Cloverdale, while your last name is very common. Any particular story with your first name?

Justyce Monnett: “My name was taken from the movie ‘Poetic Justice’. It’s different being spelled with a ‘y’, and I like that. All the Monnetts at Cloverdale are related. My siblings are Kamrie [sophomore] and Garrett [seventh grade]. All the rest are cousins. I’m related to a lot of people at the school, but that makes it comfortable to be here.”

BG: A lot of the Monnetts compete in running sports. Did you ever do that?
JM: “No. That’s not my thing. I have played every sport since I could. The love of the game is what I love about it the most. All of us get along so well together. We have all grown up together. I have a lot more passion for volleyball than any other sport. I am planning to go into softball in the spring. I played as a freshman, and I’m going to try it again this year.”

BG: How has your Cloverdale High School career gone?
JM: “It’s gone way too fast for me. I love going here, but it’s gone too fast. I wish I had another year or two here. The sports have been some of the best times I’ve had here, especially basketball season. Winning sectionals and doing all that fun, school stuff and celebrating together has been really fun.”

BG: Are you a good student?
JM: “Yes, I get pretty good grades. I like English this year with Mrs. [Claire] Graham. She makes

BG: What are your plans for after high school?
JM: “I plan on attending Ivy Tech, and then transfer to Indiana State for nursing. One of my friends’ moms is a pediatrician and had all the classes I’ll be taking. I’m really interested in working with kids.”

BG: What kinds of music, movies and TV do you like?
JM: “I love music. I listen to that more than I do anything else. I like to listen to all kinds. Hip hop, country, pop, anything really. My favorite TV show is ‘Teen Mom’. It’s good to learn what not to do, and to not make the mistakes that they did. They show you what your life would be like as a teen mom, and the struggles they have. It’s kind of eye-opening. That’s not something I want to do at all. I like going to movies. My favorite ones are action movies like ‘Fast and the Furious’. I think the series is over, but I heard they might make another one.”

BG: What is something that you have never done before that you would like to do someday?
JM: “I would like to go to Beliz. My Spanish II class did a project over a country and its culture, and I did mine on Beliz. It’s different, and it’s not big lights like Tokyo or anything. It’s tropical in places, and run down in others.”

BG: What is your greatest fear?
JM: “Drowning. It’s a scary thought.”

BG: What are your favorite and least favorite foods?
JM: “My favorite is lasagna, and I don’t like any green vegetables except lettuce. I know they’re good for you, but I just don’t like them.”

BG: Do you have any pets?
JM: “I have one dog and three cats. My dog Miley is a mix of a Labrador and a pointer. I have a cat named Remy, and then two of her kittens. They are Gatlin and Oliver. They are all outside cats. My mom is allergic, so they can’t come in. We’re in the country so they have a lot of room.”

BG: Do you want to come back to Putnam County to live after college?
JM: “I plan on going to Tennessee and living there in Memphis. I’d like to work at the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I want to live closer to Nashville. I don’t want to live in Indiana.”

BG: What has been your favorite place to visit?
JM: “I loved Myrtle Beach (S.C.) when we went there. That was my favorite.”

BG: What goals do you have for the rest of the year?
JM: “We’ve been kind of up and down this year. I’d love to win sectionals with this team, especially since it’s my last year. I’ve never won a county title or anything big like that. That’s something I’ve always wanted to win. I’m not really sure who all is in our sectional yet; we haven’t really talked about it yet. I think if we all play well on the same day, we could have a good chance of winning.”
Terre Haute North , Terre Haute South and Northview JAG Participate in Out of Darkness Walk

  JAG students from three schools came together on a Saturday morning, walking to raise awareness of an issue that affects millions of people.  

 The Out of Darkness Walk raises money for the American Foundation for Suicide  Prevention.  The walk has grown from 4000 walkers in 2004 to over 250,000 this year.  Our JAG students raised over $800 dollars that they donated to this cause.


Sullivan JAG Sponsors Convocation
Sullivan JAG was able to sponsor, in partnership with Southwest Schools, one presentation for the middle school and one presentation for the high school from Nathan Harmon.

In addition, Nathan was also able to have lunch with the JAG students in between his speaking engagements.

From Nathan’s Website www.yourlifespeaks.org

Nathan is a man who is beyond passionate about what he does. Shortly after you meet Nathan, you begin to understand that he truly believes that every person he interacts with can be impacted and that every person can have a life that screams leadership, value, and belief. Nathan believes that people don't have to settle for anything short of excellence, no matter the situation. 

Every person can rise above and overcome their obstacles. You may never meet another speaker who is more energetic and engaging.Every person can rise above and overcome their obstacles. You may never meet another speaker who is more energetic and engaging.

Nathan wasn't always so energetic and positive. Battling eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, divorced parents, and drug addictions, Nathan eventually made a decision that forever changed his entire life.

Riverton Parke JAG Plants Trees in Veterans Memorial Park

Thanks to a donation from Fifth Third Bank, the JAG students from Riverton Parke were able to help spruce up the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Montezuma.  The students planted 12 trees in total.

Terre Haute North JAG Students Visit Vincennes University

On October 20, Terre Haute North JAG students visited Vincennes University.  The students were able to see the campus and take Major-related tours.  In addition to lunch, the students also viewed presentations about attending Vincennes.  The students also has a reunion with a fellow JAG student as Trey Epps, a 2013 Terre Haute North JAG Graduate was one of their Tour Guides.

Terre Haute North JAG Students Volunteer for Halloween

Every year, Ryves Hall holds a haunted house in their basement that draws in local kids.  Last year the Terre Haute North JAG students hosted a carnival during that time.  This year THN JAG Co-President, Jalyn Fuller wanted to repeat the event.  

JAG Students collected candy to pass out to the children and decided to have a Halloween bingo game, face painting, bowling, and a toilet paper toss game.  The JAG Students enjoyed working the event and probably had as much fun as the children.  Former Jag student Kayla Kelley popped in to help as well.

Installation and Initiation Ceremonies

Each year, the JAG programs in each school elect new officers to lead their organization.  These Officers help organize the group’s activities throughout the year.  When these new officers are selected, the group conducts an Installation and Initiation Ceremony.

Terre Haute North I & I Ceremony

On November 2, Terre Haute North JAG celebrated the selection of new officers with their I & I Ceremony.  This year, their guest speaker was Tierra Allen a former JAG student who now works for WTHI-TV and Terre Haute North Assistant Principal Aaron Hughes.  This year’s co-presidents, Jalyn Fuller and Kyaira Wood also spoke.

Turkey Run JAG I & I Dinner 

Turkey Run recently celebrated the installation of their new officers with a dinner.

Cloverdale I & I Ceremony

Cloverdale JAG hosted their 2017-18 Initiation and Installation ceremony on November 2 in the Cloverdale cafeteria.

Northview I and I Ceremony

Northview held its I and I ceremony on November 9th. It was held in the auditorium of the middle school and the cafeteria prepared lasagna, pasta, breadsticks and salad. Officers were recognized, the students recited the Career Association Creed, and then everyone used paint to spell out JAG using their hand prints on a banner.

West Vigo Celebrates JAG Program Launch at I and I Ceremony

West Vigo High School became the 8th High School in our Region to have a JAG Program.  The program stared on November 6th.  The members of the first West
Vigo JAG are all member of the Junior class. New JAG Specialist Missy Rohrbach will lead the group. 
The group celebrated the launch with their I and I Ceremony on December 8th.

Terre Haute South I and I Ceremony

On November 9th, the Terre Haute South JAG students celebrated their I and I ceremony with a dinner in the cafeteria from local restaurant, Pilonis.  The group celebrated the election of new officers and had a great evening.

Riverton Parke JAG Hosts Veterans Event  

Students from the Riverton Parke JAG class hosted a Veterans Day event on November 10th.  The students honored veterans with a flag folding ceremony and thanks to a donation from 5/3rd Bank donated a bench to Veterans Park.

Cloverdale JAG Students Receive Academic Letters

JAG Specialist Karl Turk recently celebrated with two of his JAG students, Jordan Harrell and Paige Plamondon as they received their Academic Letter Jackets.

Parke County JAG Students Tour Vincennes University

On November 16th, JAG students from Riverton Parke and Turkey Run High Schools took part in a PreVU day by visiting Vincennes University.  In addition to the tour, the students were provided with lunch and given a presentation about attending Vincennes.  The students also were able to take tours related to specific majors.